Advantages Of Buying A New Construction Home

New construction homes come with a variety of options and it’s all up to you!

Today’s blog post we are going to talk about buying New Construction and the benefits it serves to buyers. If you have bought a home in Denver, then you know how challenging it can be to find a home that checks all of the boxes without having 10 other people offering on the same home; homes in Denver are just plain scarce! Newly Built Construction is providing some relief to buyers where they can take back control of the buying process.

When purchasing new construction, it is such a hands on experience, if you don’t want someone else picking out the finishes on the home you are purchasing, then new construction might be for you.  Having a home built from scratch means you get to personalize your new home the way you want it. Why settle for someone else’s design when you can go to the design center and handpick every single item? Well, new construction offers energy efficiency, an open layout, a warranty, and allows buyers to hand select appliances, flooring, paint colors and other design elements as factors driving their choice.

Other benefit’s of buying new construction are you can hand pick the lot, do you want a north facing lot or a south facing lot? I like South facing lots because the sun comes in the front windows providing lots of natural light and in the wintertime, a southern facing home wont have an icy driveway like northern facing homes provide. Newly built homes are also appealing because everything is brand new, they feature more open floor plans, with larger kitchens that flow into the living rooms. Building a home gives you the opportunity to be the first person to park in the brand new garage, entertain in the sparkly kitchen for the first time, and you wont spend weekends stripping paint or knocking down walls for the open floor concept.

Check out the following photos to see how much fun my buyer and I had at the design studio.  While at the design studio, we met with interior designers and went over the floor plan and what finishes will be added in each and every room. Not only did we go over design finishes, but we met with a window treatment specialist and hand picked blinds for every single window in the home. Who knew picking out blinds could be so much fun?

If you are having trouble finding the right home, are sick of dealing with the competition of other buyers, and want to take back the control of purchasing a home, then contact me and we can discuss the advantages of purchasing a brand new home from a builder. There is nothing like seeing a home go from a dirt lot to a beautiful new home that you helped design.

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